EFAC Australia

John R.W. Stott

John Stott was born in London on 27th April 1921. In honour of the centenary of his birth date we have produced this special edition to reflect on the remarkable ministry of the Rev Dr John Stott. It is hard to think of any other figure who has had a more profound impact on evangelical Anglicanism as well as global evangelicalism than John Stott. Indeed as Michael Cromartie quipped, ‘if evangelicals could elect a pope, Stott is the person theywould likely choose.’

Although many of us never met the man, he still profoundly impacted us. My first contact was via his classic little book Your Confirmation when, at 14, I was doing confirmation classes. It would be lying to say it had a great impact on me at the time! In 1975 I was there when he delivered the Bible Studies on Ephesians at the AFES National Conference in Bathurst. Each session was captivating and gave me a whole new perspective on understanding Scripture. I can still visualise the Conference and was thrilled when the print version emerged as God’s New Society. During my time at Moore College, I had a case of second year blues and had a mid-year holiday in Tasmania. I read I Believe in Preaching year holiday in Tasmania. I read I Believe in Preaching by Stott and came back fired and up and back on track. One could go on and on from CMS Summer Schools to Lausanne Congresses, to papers and many books. One way or another John Stott has impacted many of us in profound and deeply personal ways.As the founder of EFAC, it is fitting for EFAC Australia to honour him with this special issue of Essentials. I want to acknowledge the help of Peter Adam and Mark Juers in dreaming up the list of articles and to each of the contributors for writing such an inspiring set of articles.

Bishop Stephen Hale Chair, EFAC AUSTRALIA  and EFAC GLOBAL