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’Mission and Ministry in Provincial and Rural Australia

Webinar held on October 14, 2021


Stephen Hale (Chair, EFAC Australia, Greg Harris, (National Director, BCA), Adam Lowe - (Rector St Bart’s Toowoomba), Bishop Matt Brain (Bisjop of Bendigo), Fiona Preston (Bendigo Diocese), Simon and Alison Reeve, (BCA Woolgoolga, NSW).

Here are two of the talks from the Pivot conference held via Zoom in August 2020, one in text form the other as a video presenttion.

A New Mission Era                                                              Stephen Hale                                                 5th August, 2020      
Is this a significant turning point or just a road hump in mission history?                                                                                                         

It has been suggested that there have been Four Eras of Christian History:

  • 500 years up unto the fall of Rome (empire becomes Christian)
  • 500 years up to the Great Schism (split between eastern and western church)
  • 500 years up to the Great Reformation (recovery of Scripture and the gospel of grace, this Reformation was spread via the embrace of the printing press, so people had access to God’s word in their native tongue)
  • 500 years up until today (Has been described era of Christendom – church spread via empire and mission to four corners of globe)

EFAC and FCA held a joint National Anglican Future Conference in Melbourne in March 2015.

Video from a number of the sessions can be found here.

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The second Anglican Future Conference was held in September 2018, in Melbourne

Here you'll find videos and various seminar presentations from the Conference. These will appear as they become available.


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