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The second Anglican Future Conference was held in September 2018, in Melbourne

Here you'll find videos and various seminar presentations from the Conference. These will appear as they become available.


In the case of Seminar presentations, some are papers and others are handouts and Powerpoint presentationsfrom the seminars.

  • Keynote Speakers

Rev Frog Orr-Ewing:

Frog Orr-Ewing Session 1 Frog O E1

Reinventing the Urban Church for Mission What happens when we bring two ideas together – the parish and the mission field? We end up with the endlessly creative task of advancing the Kingdom of God, growing and passing on our faith to the new generations in our cities and communities. Reinventing church for the urban situation is a chance to engage with scripture, theology, stories and lessons from the urban church and inner-city ministry in the UK. It is designed to inspire and inform and begin a series of local conversations which will help equip local churches in Australia to turn today’s challenges into today’s opportunities. Frog Orr-Ewing is involved in renewing urban parishes, first in London and recently in Walsall, UK.

Frog Orr-Ewing Session 2 Frog O E2

Reinventing the Church for Rural Ministry will blend realism, confidence and determination, and draw on missiology, history and first hand experience. Latimer Minster is a rural church plant that has grown from meeting in a private home, to flourishing in a farm environment – a Church of England church plant which now resources and helps plant other churches, meets in barns and tents, and looks after a 70 acre ancient fruit farm, half way between London and Oxford. It is hoped that some of these insights and several mistakes along the way will help equip us to imagine new ways of growing churches in our more rural areas of ministry.

Justine Toh:

"Understanding our context "JustineToh1

Dr Wes Hill:

Wes Hill Friday Night Session WesHill1

“Radical Inclusion: How the Gospel Redefines What it Means to Belong”: One of the buzzwords of Western cultures at the moment is “inclusion.” The gospel of Jesus Christ knows about inclusion too, but it doesn’t accept our current definition of the term unchanged. In Jesus’ kingdom, inclusion doesn’t simply affirm our felt identities but rather transforms those identities so that our belonging is set on a new and deeper foundation — that of the radical, judging, and saving grace of God.



Responding to the Imperative of Inclusion: What are some practical ways that we can respond to the imperative of inclusion in our workplaces and in society in general.



  • Bible Studies

Bible Study 1: 2 Chron 20: 1-13 - Rev Guy Mason GuyMason

Bible Study 2: - 2 Cor 4:1-18 - Gavin Perkins GavinPerkins

Bible Study 3: - 1 Peter 3:8-18 - Wei Han Kuan Wei Han



The following links, where present, point to presentation material used in the seminars. If there is no link the material isn't available.
Those seminar titles are there for information only.

Seminars 1

1A: “Here We Stand: Facing contemporary Anglican challenges in Australia” Panel Discussion. Chair: Richard Condie
1B: “Playing the Long Game: Mentoring and Ministry” – Rhys Bezzant
1C: “Responding to Islam” – Samuel Green
1D: “Truth and Grace: Key Lessons for Australian Christians from the Life and Work of Donald Robinson” – Rory Shiner Plus see also this article.
1E: “Strengthening one’s own spiritual life” – Christine Gobius, Brian Rosner, Wei-Han Kuan
1G: “Pastoral Care for Lesbian and Gay Persons” – Wes Hill (Download)
1H: “What kind of music does God like?” – Andrew Judd
1J: “Living with ‘assisted dying’” – Denise Cooper-Clarke
1K: “Children’s and Family Ministry” –Kate Haggar
1L: “This land is God’s land: working together to reach the bush for Christ” – Mark Short
1M: “Reviving small/dying churches” – Stephen Carnaby
1N: “The Multi Site Church” – Stephen Hale

Seminars 2

2A: “Hooking the Unchurched: Preaching Evangelistically’” – Mike Raiter
2B: “If we’re so rich, why aren’t we happy?” – Brian Rosner & Ian Harper
2C: “World views, Life views: What they are, why they matter, and how the gospel changes them.” – Andrew Katay
2D: “Freedom for Faith in 2018” – Michael Kellahan
2E: “The End of Gender” – Rob and Claire Smith
2F: “Discipleship in an age of non-commitment” – Matthew Crichton
2H: “Being Disciples who make Disciples” – Andy Goodacre & Christoph Ochs
2J: “Understanding different worldviews” – David Williams
2K: “A church that reaches the nations around us” – Peter Lin
2L: “The shape of Sunday services” – Peter Smith
2M: “‘Pleasure and Pain’ as an evangelistic framework” – Julie-Ann Laird

Seminars 3

3A: “The End of Gender” – Rob and Claire Smith
3B: “Breaking the natural church size barriers” – Raj Gupta
3C: “Developing meaningful connections with indigenous Christians” –Marnie O’Brien
3D: “Youth ministry” – Graham Stanton & Craig Roberts
3E: “Pastoral Care for Lesbian and Gay Persons” – Wes Hill
3F: “Reinventing the Evangelistic Mission: A University Case Study” – Frog Orr-Ewing
3H: “How to Equip Christians for the Workplace” – Kara Martin (Download)
3J: “Here We Stand: Facing contemporary Anglican challenges in Australia” Panel Discussion. Chair: Richard Condie
3K: “Helping parents disciple their children” – Gus & Fiona McLean (Download)
3L:”The Insufficiency of Scripture and the Apologetics Imperative” – Chris Mulherin (Download)