EFAC Australia

This issue of Essentials has two major focuses. Two reflections on GAFCON lead into other articles to do with mission and the state of the Anglican church. Kanishka Rafffel reports on GAFCON, that making disciples was the big idea, and Richard Condie contrasts the Jerusalem and Nairobi conferences.   We include the GAFCON Statement from Nairobi as well.

Mark Short and Allan Bate help us think about mission and theology in a church that is focussing on mission.

The second focus is on indigenous life and ministry. Murray Seiffert writes provocatively about his experience of ministry in the Northern Territory, and Joy Sandefur has review articles on two important books to do with indigenous life. Her review of Peter Sutton’s book, The Politics of Suffering, is especially important I think. I hope we will have other articles in the future on these topics.

Steven Daly reviews Vishal Mangalwadi, The Book That Made Your World. And Andrew Malone reviews E. Randolph Richards, Paul and First-Century Letter Writing.  Plus more.


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Dale Appleby is the Rector of Christ the King Willetton in the Diocese of Perth and the Editor of Essentials.