EFAC Australia

John Stott Memorial Edition

Twenty years ago, as a teenage boy discovering Christian books for the first time, I picked up what I thought was the most useful and interesting book on the shop shelves. It was a cheap Asian edition of Understanding the Bible. I didn’t know it then, but I had just been introduced to one of the truly great men of twentieth-century evangelicalism, John Robert Walmsley Stott.
Stott of course played a leading role in the founding of EFAC in 1961, and steered its international development. So it is fitting that we mark his passing with this commemorative edition. EFAC Australia leaders from across the country offer their reflections on Stott’s life and ministry. Peter Jensen and Stephen Hale focus on the influence of this Prince of Preachers. Glenn Davies and John Harrower reflect on the wider impact of his leadership. Richard Trist and Heather Cetrangolo share something of the personal effect he had on them. Many of these important themes are brought together in Adrian Lane’s tribute at the EFAC Queensland memorial service. My hope is that this issue of Essentials will help Stott’s legacy live on strongly through EFAC. May his example, his priorities in ministry, his personal godliness, graciousness and famous humility, continue to inspire us towards Christ the Saviour and Lord whom he lived to serve. You can read more tributes and leave your own reflections at: www.johnstottmemorial.org

Wei-Han Kuan is Senior Associate Minister at St Alfred’s, North Blackburn, and is the editor of Essentia