EFAC Australia


2011 AGM

Edited minutes of the 2011 EFAC Australia AGM held on 27 May 2011 at St Matthew’s, Wanniassa, ACT.

1. Present: Chris Appleby, Glenn Davies (Chair), Trevor Edwards, Paul Hunt, Lynda Johnson, Geoff Kyngdon, Phil Meulman, David Smith, Kim Smith, Peter Smith, Richard Trist.
2. Apologies: Peter Brain, Stephen Hale, John Harrower, Luke Isham, Peter Jensen, Wei-Han Kuan, David Mulready, Steven Tong.
3. The Chair led a study on Hebrews 10 and prayed for the meeting.
4. Minutes of 2010 AGM were received.
5. Branch Reports
a. NSW. Dave Mansfield has been appointed Chair.
b. Canberra. A small but enthusiastic group.
c. Victoria. Prayer was requested for a future strategy regarding the Training Officer.
d. Western Australia. A positive report on the recent clergy conference.
e. South Australia. Encouraging news.
f. Queensland. Some good recent appointments.
g. Tasmania. Victoria is continuing to oversee Tasmania.
h. Northern Territory. Michael O’Sullivan has been appointed Chair.
6. Chairman’s Report. Glenn reported on a successful lecture tour. He indicated that he will retire at the next AGM in 2012, after ten years in the position.
7. The NEAC 2012 Report was distributed and David and his committee were thanked for their preparations.
[See inside front cover for latest update on NEAC.]
8. Treasurer’s Report. Financial statement was received. The treasurer reported a balance of $12, 212.96 at the end of 2010. Subscriptions are up due to the growing use of the website. It was also agreed to provide up to $2000 to EFAC Victoria for management costs of the website and so that it will be constantly updated.
9. Essentials Report was accepted with thanks.
10. The following were elected for the next 12 months:
a. President: Peter Jensen
b. Vice-Presidents: Peter Brain, Trevor Edwards, John Harrower, David Mulready
c. Chairman: Glenn Davies
d. Deputy Chairman: Stephen Hale
e. Secretary: Richard Trist
f. Treasurer: Chris Appleby
g. Members of Executive:
Glenn Davies, Stephen Hale, Richard Trist, Chris Appleby, David Smith.
11. General Business
a. Kim Smith spoke on the proposed launch of an Anglican Relief and Development Fund in Australia in Adelaide at NEAC. The following motion was passed: “That the EFAC Executive welcomes the establishment of an Australian branch of the Anglican Relief and Development Fund and consents to the inclusion of the following clause in its governing by laws and constitution: ‘A person shall not be entitled to be a trustee or office bearer of the Association unless their nomination has received the written consent of the Federal Executive of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion Australia.”’ Kim Smith was commended for his initiative in this ministry. It was agreed that written consent will be given to the current trustees (Richard Condie, Glenn Davies, Stewart Gill, Lesley McGrath-Woodley, Kanishka Raffel, Kimberley Smith and Richard Trist) and Board of Management (Richard Condie, Glenn Davies, Kimberley Smith and Richard Trist).
b. Correspondence from Buninyong was considered.
c. Subscription fees will be reviewed next year.
d. EFAC Victoria Draft Statement on Gender and Ministry was noted.
12. The 2012 AGM will be held on Friday 27 July in Sydney.