The EFAC Commitment
July 2008
EFAC International Conference, Trinity College Bristol

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) is a fellowship of evangelical Christians in Anglican Churches around the world, who are passionate for biblical faith and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who support one another's concerns and ministries. EFAC is active in different regions of the world, and currently holds an international conference every five years, before each Lambeth Conference, and at the halfway point between.

We are thankful to God for the Gospel, which is eternally unchanging and yet ever new, and for all those with whom we share the work of proclaiming Christ. We are encouraged by the work of mission and evangelism wherever it is taking place around the world, particularly for developments in missional theological education, for extensive church planting, and for great openness to the Gospel. We give thanks for our brothers and sisters in the Churches of the Global South, for their leadership, sacrifice and example in the work of the Gospel, and for their work on the Anglican Covenant. We are especially grateful for growing relationships among all Anglicans of orthodox persuasion.

In spite of these causes for rejoicing, we acknowledge that we have not always lived lives worthy of the Gospel and that we have not always been gracious in disagreement. We repent of this behaviour. The present divisions in the Anglican Communion grieve us greatly, and we regret anything we may have done to exacerbate those divisions unnecessarily.

In view of these developments, it is our heart's desire to seek renewal by the Holy Spirit for "the obedience of faith", to give ourselves afresh to the ministry of the Gospel, and to work together in unity with all who affirm the "faith once for all entrusted to the saints". We heartily endorse the fourteen points of the Jerusalem Declaration of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and, like those at GAFCON, are fully committed to remaining within the Anglican Communion, and to bearing joyful witness to evangelical distinctives.

As a Fellowship, we commit ourselves:

  • to play our part in nurturing love and mutual understanding among evangelicals in the Anglican Communion
  • to seek opportunities to support and encourage one another
  • to stand in solidarity with those who are persecuted or prosecuted for their loyalty to the Gospel
  • to pray for one another—for faithfulness and fruitfulness in their service to Christ
  • to engage in serious theological study, not least in the areas of biblical authority and hermeneutics
  • to foster good relations with Christians of other traditions
  • to share whatever resources we may have to further the work of God's mission in the world.

We invite all those who are of this same mind to join us in this venture.