Centre for Biblical Preaching

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The exciting vision for the establishment of a training centre to assist churches in Melbourne, Australia and the world to be equipped for Expository Preaching has been realised with the establishment of the Centre for Biblical Preaching. It marks a unique partnership between a mission and a local church.

The Church Missionary Society and St James’ Old Cathedral, Melbourne West have come together to equip men and women for expository preaching both locally and globally. Mike Raiter, Principal of Melbourne School of Theology, will step down from his present position at the end of the year and will commence as Director of the Centre from May, 2012.

The Centre for Biblical Preaching will be based at St James’ Old Cathedral on the edge of the CBD of Melbourne. Mike will lead a team of teachers and trainers who will offer courses, workshops and mentoring in expository preaching, both in Melbourne and in various locations around the world.

Mike will join the CMS Development and Training Team, since a key distinctive of this Centre will be its global focus. Commenting on the need for training in preaching amongst the churches in Asia, CMS missionary Paul Barker observes that, “the needs are enormous”. Through CMS, the Centre will partner with a number of organizations worldwide seeking to meet the urgent need of equipping church leaders across the developing world to more ably and confidently expound the Bible in ways that are culturally appropriate.