National Lecture tour by Bp Alexis Bilindabagabo

Bp ALexis Bilindabagabo

Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo, Bishop of Gahini, Rwanda, is visiting Australia for a National Lecture tour in late October, early November.

His itinerary includes various opportunities to hear him, offered by state EFAC committees in WA, SA, NSW, VIC, and ACT.

Check with your local branch for details.

EFAC Vic dinner, Oct 29 details are here

Understanding the Bible: Ancient Text, Contemporary Reader

Hear Bp Glenn Davies lecture on this topic, recorded in Brisbane, here.

The video of Glenn's lecture in Tasmania in September 2010 can be viewed on our events page

For a higher definition DVD of the Lecture fill out an order form here

Archbishop Ben Kwashi

Archbishop Ben carried out a national speaking tour for EFAC in July, speaking to over 1000 people at meetings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. His talk to an EFAC Gathering in Melbourne can be heard here.

2008 National Conference

The EFAC Conference was held from September 10- 13 at Ridley Melbourne, saw more than 200 people from around Australia come together to look at, "Discipleship the Heart of Mission." Speakers included: Bishop Graham Cray from the UK, Archbishop Peter Jensen, Kanishka Raffel and Rev Dr Evonne Paddison. Apart from these main sessions, there were a range of 15 workshops, networking meetings and on the Friday night, our conference dinner! Thank you to all who participated, it was a very encouraging time for all.


Click Here (9MB)



Wed pm Abp Jensen EFAC Nat Conf 2008 (7MB)

Bp Cray Talk 1 Discipleship the Heart of Mission (7MB)

Bp Cray Talk 2 Discipleship the Heart of Mission (7MB)

Bp Cray Talk 3 Discipleship the Heart of Mission (5MB)

Bp Glenn Davies- Future of the Anglican Communion (6MB)

Evonne Paddison- Making Disciples of Every Nation (6MB)

Kanishka Raffell Talk 1 The Cross and the Knowledge of God (11MB)

Kanishka Raffell Talk 2 The Cross and the People of God (10MB)

Kanishka Raffell Talk 3 (9MB)



Talk 1- Bp Graham Cray

Talk 2- Bp Graham Cray

Talk 3- Bp Graham Cray

Talk 4- Bp Glenn Davies