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Articles and discussion by members of EFAC Australia
  • Marriage Equality: How Then Shall We Be Heard?
    HOW THEN SHALL WE BE HEARD? A response from Rev. Lynda Johnson, Queensland I can’t stay quiet any more. Marriage has absolutely nothing to do with slavery! Marriage is an institution, which stabilises and sustains society. Yes, it is about … Continue reading
  • Challenges Facing the Anglican Church in Australia
    Bishop Peter Brain spoke at a meeting of EFAC WA in Perth on 12 March 2012. His talk entitled, Challenges facing the Anglican Church in Australia, is available here. It includes a question time which covers some discussion of the … Continue reading
  • Have you got any shroves?
    Do you know where to get some shroves? It seems they are quite hard to obtain nowadays. Even our customer caring supermarkets don’t have them on sale. Chocolate E**ster eggs, Hot cross (shouldn’t that be crossed?) buns, chocolate festive rabbits … Continue reading

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